With phones with us every part of the day, nutrition apps are a $2B+ industry. 3 Peas  helps you support your patients in the 470 hours they spend shopping and cooking and helps you grow your business through mobile health.


3 Peas lets you send patient intake surveys and reduces the time it takes you to  customize recommended daily values.


3 Peas' mobile app helps patients plan, purchase and prepare meals that help them meet their food goals and automatically share a nutrition log with you.


3 Peas' dietitian portal lets you track patient engagement to see who is on or off track, enabling you deliver superior patient support.


Healthie is an all-in-one practice management and telehealth platform. Healthie has everything you need to run and grow your nutrition and wellness business. Healthie helps you run your business and 3 Peas helps you engage your clients.

Want to learn how 3 Peas can help you grow your practice and help your patients achieve their health goals? We'd love to talk!

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